Aug 1, 2011

Receipt of Inquiry & Order 【Wafu Colle】【Afu Colle】【Ofu Colle】

Inquiry or the order of 
【Wafu Colle】
【Afu Colle】
【Ofu Colle】's 
 and purchase of goods,
please access as follows.

♥We are carrying out
all handmade works
in our studio.


Real shop 
KOBE Coffee international
(open 11:00-17:00
without Wednesday)

Wafu Colle's designer Junko Fujiwara
 is usually at shop 
from 12:00 to 14:00.
If you come to our shop
for free consultation,
we thank you for your reservation 
by telephone or email
before your visiting us. 

And thank you for ordering us 
from far away customers.
Contact to us from far away is
 【contact】 as follows ▼

※24 hour OK
(If you leave a message,
we'll answer back later.)

※voice message OK



Purchase order 
of ready‐made goods

Please confirm how to buy before your purchase,then

▼purchase from

or please inform

◎ Product number(or Product date)
◎ Payment method you're wishing
◎ The shipping address of goods 
◎ your telephone number
or  E-mail address 
◎ your name
to the above 【contact】.
Because our products are 
one-off handmade 
and we accept order of arrival,
we are sorry when being sold out already.
(When being sold out, 
we'll guide the time of an order reception.)

★For the domestic of Japan,
the freight charges is free 
by the purchase beyond 
¥10,000JPY(including tax)★
We hope to receive your order♡

Let's try and use us♪
Thank you ♡