Aug 1, 2011

Wafu Colle☆Kimono upcycling♡Tunic's size

We introduce Wafu Colle's original tunic's size♡
◎Kimono Tunic(Tomesode、Meisen、Ohshima-tsumugi、Linzu and so on)
 ※It's single tailoring(unlined).

The image of the woman's height 160cm's tall wearing.
You can also put it on as a dress.


Neckline about 64cm

From the neckline to a joint of a sleeve about 6cm

Shoulder width 1/2 about 18cm

Shoulder width about 36cm

Armhole about 50cm

The length of the sleeve

The length of the sleeve about 45cm 


Chest about 110cm
※BB-tunic size is about 120cm 

Dress length(Rear side center)

Dress length(Rear side center) about 90cm

◎Yukata tunic
※It's single tailoring(unlined).

Neckline about 61cm

Shoulder width about 36cm

Around sleeves about 41cm

Dress length(Rear side center) about 80cm

Other size is
bustline (bust) about 110cm,※BB-tunic is about 120cm
waistline (girth) about 120cm,
hipline about 140cm.

♪~Let's upcycle & wake your Kimono from sleep reasonably as town wear fashion~♪

Let's enjoy fashionable upcycle which is altered by the sleeping or important kimono☆
We accept made-to-order by your own Kimono.
※You don't need to untie Kimono.(We untie when made-to-order for free.)

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Let's try to use evolving Wafu Colle's Kimono upcycling♪
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