May 17, 2014

Wafu Colle☆Kimono Upcycling♡From Tsumugi to ⇒snood♪[Product No.1405170000]¥4,000JPY(including tax / for outside of Japan,tax free+including handling charge)

We introduce Wafu Colle's Kimono upcycling product♡
Product No.:1405170000

Using Tsumugi,we made snood.




The selling price is
¥4,000JPY(including tax / for outside of Japan,tax free+including handling charge).

※This product was sold out.

-----------------▼If you want to made-to-order▼-----------------

The made-to-order price is

(including tax / for outside of Japan,tax free+including handling charge)
(the price is fluctuate with size or Kimono material).
※We'll accept an made-to-order with same design as more than same price(excluding cloth fee)
(the price is fluctuate with size or Kimono material).

Please be sure to make an estimate to us beforehand.

※If using our Kimono-cloth of Wafu Colle's workshop,
the cloth price is required separately(the price is fluctuate with Kimono material).

※About 【basic flow of how to made-to-order by your own Kimono】,
please confirm here.

-----------------▲If you want to made-to-order▲-----------------

♪~Let's upcycle & wake your Kimono from sleep reasonably as town wear fashion~♪
Let's enjoy fashionable upcycle which is altered by the sleeping or important kimono☆
We accept made-to-order by your own Kimono.
※You don't need to untie Kimono.(We untie when made-to-order for free.)
Any questions,requests of consultation and your order,please contact to here
Let's try to use evolving Wafu Colle's Kimono upcycling♡

May 8, 2014

Wafu Colle☆tunic was remade by flowers-car pattern's Tomesode-Kimono♪

We introduce Wafu Colle's product remade by Kimono♪

◎tunic was remade by flowers-car pattern's Tomesode-Kimono(with artist's name)

It'll be good for marriage party etc. 
Free size.

 front side

 front side(sleeve extended

 back side

 back side(sleeve extended

Piping of a sleeve, the neck, and the skirt was carried out with the pink Linzu-kimono.

The form of the sleeve was made curvy,graceful and lovely.

The pocket was also made into the frill tone and was attached lovelily. 

The artist's name was displayed.

Tomesode kimono of beatiful flowers-car pattern.
Pure silk 100%.

The price is ¥20,000JPY(including tax).
※made to order's price as same design is ¥12,000JPY(including tax・excluding cloth's price).
※If you want our Kimono in Wafu Colle studio,the cloth's price is from ¥3,000JPY(including tax)~.(change by cloth)

We are carrying out handmade of all the works in our studio.
▲This Illustration work ▶▶ Graffy

Please try and enjoy the evolving Wafu Colle's kimono reform♡

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Real shop 『KOBE Coffee international』(open 10:00-20:00 without Wednesday) Kobe,Japan♡

And thank you for ordering us from far away customers.
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♥TEL ▶▶ (+81)78-381-5914(open 10:00-20:00 without Wednesday) Kobe,Japan
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Let's try Wafu Colle Kimono reform♪
We are looking forward to your using us♡ Thank you♡