Sep 12, 2015

[Wafu Colle]'s 『Kimono-tunic』 exhibition and sale 2015♪

From Wafu Colle,continued from last year,『Kimono-tunic』 exhibition and sale will be held also this year as follows♡

Our Kimono-tunics suitable from autumn to spring are arrival rich in variety♪

※ Our sale and exhibit sometimes cancel holding without notice by circumstances of the weather and other reason.
※ The tunic of the above photograph may be sold out until the "kimono tunic" exhibition on sale.

The case of three or more purchase by one person at the same time,10% OFF!!

【Date】 【Material or design of Kimono-tunics(※With change)】
①9/19(Sat)・9/20(Sun) Shibori、Ro(Gauze)、Sha(Gauze)、Yukata、Chidimi etc.
②10/17(Sat)・10/18(Sun) Linzu、Meisen、Ohshima、Tomesode、Furisode etc.
③11/21(Sat)・11/22(Sun) Race、Lame、Kimono-borelo・Tunic-coat etc.
④12/19(Sat)・12/20(Sun) Wool・Cashmere、Kimono-cape・coat ensemble etc.

【Open Time】11:00~17:00
【Place】KOBE Coffee international

■Only cash payment.
■During a period of sale and exhibit, you cannot lay away goods.
■You cannot return or exchange because our products are handmade and one off.
■We accept repairing by a long-term deterioration in Kimono's cloth.
■It's possible to order making over size adjustment (charge).
■It's possible to made-to-order by your bringing Kimono(Untiing is also included.)

※pdf download ▶▶ Here(913KB)

[Wafu Colle]'s 『Kimono-tunic』 exhibition and sale 2015

※Last year's 『Kimono-tunic』 exhibition and sale  ▶▶ [Wafu Colle]'s profitable 『Kimono-tunic』 exhibition and sale♪

From Wafu Colle,new Kimono tunics delivery service that is the made-to-order by your own Kimono
was released♪
Also customers who live in out of delivery service area are possible to use the made-to-order service by visiting our shop or web site.
Let's try it♡
More details of Kimono tunics made-to-order's 「Delivery service flyer(2015 autumn)」is ⇒here.

We are waiting for much of your attendance to pleasure♡