Jul 25, 2016

Thank you very much for our opening 5th anniversary☆We will have a thankful sale♡

Thank you very much truly for using us every time.
We will meet our 5th opening anniversary on August 1.
Meeting our 5th anniversary safely,it's none other than our users.
We will send you thanks more than a heart.

We will only do our best also from now on,
so that our users can eat more delicious or can wear more fashionably.

Although we have a lot of lack, we will continuously exert our effort every day and run it.

Then we will make this 5th anniversary a break point,
and from now on,we will promote our business expansion
so that our users can use us internationally without geographical advantage as well as Kobe
like to be more suitable for our shop's name.

We also appreciate your continued support.

We will hold an opening 5th anniversary thankful sale♪
Please use us any time♡

5th anniversary thankful sale
August 1(Mon) and 2(Tue)
Soft ice
¥55 yen (including tax)
※ 1 person, 1 day, 1 limitation
※Sorry when being sold out, it ends.
※ It's impossible to deliver.

Until August 16(Tue)
Yukata tunic and kimono aloha shirt

It's uniform price  9,800 yen (including tax).
※ The kind and quantity limitation
※ Sorry when being sold out, it ends.

We are waiting for a lot of your use more than a heart♡
Thank you.