Jul 12, 2016

Wafu Colle☆Kimono Upcycling♡From yukata with 4 kind of navy pattern on white cloth to ⇒ Yukata tunic♪[Product No.1607120000]

We introduce Wafu Colle's Kimono upcycling product♡
Product No.:1607120000

Popular Wafu Colle's original Kimono tunic☆
Cool and feminine half flare sleeves Yukata tunic altered by 4 kinds of navy patterns on a white background Yukata cloth with navy lining of men's Kimono ribbon♪
☆Pure cotton 100%
☆Bias tailoring make anyone elegant style
☆The asymmetric designed hem with fashinable piping makes anyone slender style
☆As one-piece dress◎ as town wear layered look with pants or long skirt◎
☆It's one size fits all(bust 110cm). ※Size details,please confirm  ▶▶ here
It's the magic tunic♡

※This product is available now.
  We accept your order.
  If you want to order,please confirm [How to buy] beforehand,
  then order to us as follows "The purchase order of our ready‐made goods is as follows." in here.
    Because our products are one-off handmade,
  so we do not accept customer requests for returns basically.
  And we accept order of arrival,
  we are sorry when being sold out already.
 (When being sold out,we'll guide at the time of your order reception.)

Selling price is ¥10,800jpy(including tax).

※We'll accept an made-to-order with same design (by customer's own cloth) as ¥9,000jpy(including tax・excluding cloth fee).
※If using our Kimono-cloth of Wafu Colle's workshop,additional price is more than ¥3,000jpy (including tax) (the price changes with kimono material.).
※About "basic flow of how to made-to-order by your own kimono",please confirm here.

This product is same design that was introduced as ▼ follows except for the flare sleeves.
♡ [Wafu Colle]☆Kimono upcycling♡Yukata tunic♪[Product No.1508100000]

♪~Let's upcycle & wake your Kimono from sleep reasonably as town wear fashion~♪
Let's enjoy fashionable upcycle which is altered by the sleeping or important kimono☆
We accept made-to-order by your own Kimono.
※You don't need to untie Kimono.(We untie when made-to-order for free.)
Any questions,requests of consultation and your order,please contact to here
Let's try to use evolving Wafu Colle's Kimono upcycling♪