Dec 1, 2017

Homepage lesson♪Students invited♡

In KOBE Coffee international,

Homepage lesson

was begun♪

☆Beginner・Intermediate・Advanced course lesson(each 10 times)
Once 1 person 50 minutes ¥2,000JPY
(including tax & text fee、No admission fee)

☆Group lesson(max 10 person)
Once 1 person 50 minutes ¥1,800JPY
※need to group's full participation
(including tax & text fee、No admission fee)

☆ Individual lesson
Once 1 person 50 minutes ¥2,500JPY
※Advanced target
(including tax & text fee、No admission fee)

☆Trial lesson(only once) 30minutes ¥1,000JPY
(including tax & text fee)

♡In every lesson,with 1 drink no charge♡

Lesson students wanted!
Only trial lesson OK!
Beginner welcomed!
Please join us any time♡

◎wanting to open an original homepage
◎wanting to advertise goods and service by multi-lingual on the original web site.
◎wanting manage an original homepage as free as possible.
◎wanting accept reservation or order from homepage.
◎I don't know how to do by myself.

Such you!!
By easy practice lesson,
You can create your original homepage♪

Now already,homepage seems to be instead of a business card,

(@_@;) When I ask a specialist to produce, it seems expensive。。。
(@_@;) With only SNS,I feel the limit of public relations。。。
(@_@;) And make by myself seems difficult。。。

 If  you have such problem,
Please come to our homepage lesson♡

Lesson course is
Beginner,Intermediate and Advanced, 10 times for each,
or Individual lesson (advanced target).
※ Please participate in a group lesson by all of the group members each time.

Please reserve a lesson until 5 days ,from the lesson schedule.
(※Please understand that if already booked out.)
(※Cancellation,please call until 2 days before.)
Please pay the lesson fee by cash before lesson starting.
♡In every lesson,with 1 drink no charge♡

A schedule of lesson,please see following flyer.


※ PDF of  flyer is this. ->  flyer (0.4MB)

Web site of KOBE Coffee international
"Homepage lesson(ホームページ教室)"
You can also access.

Inquiry, application and reservation
TEL +81-(0)78-381-5914
(Reception: 12:00-13:00 without Wednesday)
please call or come to our store♡

It's also possible to make a reservation and inquire from following web form.
Please make a contact any time♡

Welcome to our homepage lesson♡