Aug 1, 2018

[Wafu Colle] Thanks 30th Anniv.☆Kimono-tunic-dress Special Sale Until the end of 2018♪

和布コレ(Wafu Colle)

Thanks 30th Anniversary
Special Sale

Until the end of 2018

Beautiful Kimono-Tunic-dress
1 layer ribbon 8000yen~
2 layer ribbon 12000yen~
※short-sleeves+1000yen long-sleeves+2000yen

Made-to-order Until 8/31 Same Price!(Untiing Kimono no charge

Place KOBE Coffee international
    Open 12:00-17:00(Wednesday close)
   TEL +81-78-381-5914


※pdf download here(571KB)

 You can buy at our online shop♡

We are waiting for much of you♡
Thank you.