May 20, 2019

Wafu Colle 30th anniversary movie "Kimono Upcycling is beautiful sustainable fashion"

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Wafu Colle's
30th anniversary

since 1988
Haute couture
Han‐Shin Awaji Earthquake disaster
our shop was completely destroyed
2 years closure
Fashion・Kimono Alteration
Kimono Upcycle
Wafu Colle

Wafu Colle's so far...
Wafu Colle's from now on... 
10 minutes movie

「Kimono Upcycling is beautiful sustainable fashion」

▼contents of 10 min movie▼

There is a beautiful Kimono culture in Japan.

However, nowadays in Japan
these luxury Kimonos are no longer worn
as casual wear
 and are sleeping in the chest of drawers
of each family.  

That scale is said to be
40 trillion JPY
 (about 400 billion USD).

We have been making made-to-order clothes
which is upcycled from Kimono
for 30 years in Kobe,Japan.

During the process,
we have felt the problem
that it is in trouble about
disposing of sleeping Kimono in Japan,
because there is no successor.

From the elderly parents
to the child generation or to the daughter-in-law,
the Kimono which is not put on usually
 is forced to dispose without being handed over.

The Kimono that is kept in each home importantly,
the important Kimono
which is inherited from the previous generation, 
is in a situation
where there is no successor
 and it is very unworthy.

Because that Kimono was originally very expensive,
inherited from their ancestors and filled with memories,
even if they are going to dispose Kimono,
they can not throw away them as trash easily 
 and even when they send it to a recycling agent or buyer,
they can get it only at the dirt-cheap price.

Then, we have been doing the made-to-order business
of upcycling from sleeping Kimono to stylish clothes or bags,
so that, they can be put on reasonably as town wear fashion.

This service name is
'Wafu Colle'.   

Now,our made-to-order business
is continuing 30 years.  

At the first time,
we made-to-order clothes by apparel fabric cloth
and repaired clothes,
then gradually,
our customers came to us
bringing their sleeping Kimono
and said to us,
"Can you alter Kimono into clothes if you can repair?".

The first step,
we untie Kimono or Obi
which was brought by customer
and make it just cloth of Kimono.

Then next step,
the width of the cloth of Kimono
is different from the usual clothes
 so we connect them
or use two or more different Kimono cloth
for tailor,
and then we will tailor it to clothes.

The number of products
we made-to-order by upcycling from Kimono
to clothes or bags
is about 3,000.

Some of our customers provide to us
their sleeping Kimono
without upcycling to their clothes or bags, 
and say
"I want you to utilize this Kimono
something by 'Wafu Colle'".

We make clothes or bags
with those provided Kimono
one by one in the family,
as ready-made goods of 'Wafu Colle'
with original design
  and we also sell them at our shop. 

We also repair holes and scratches
which is found during the producting
carefully as much as possible.

Most of old Kimono is made of 
the luxury natural materials
such as pure silk,
it is on the delicate patterns
and beautiful designs
which can not be weaved anymore,
and there is no same one
so it is very luxurious. 

Even today after several decades,
Kimono is enough value
to wake up from sleep for wearing
and we respect these Kimonos.

The clothes which is tailored by such Kimono cloth
is very light and comfortable,fit as stylish town wear
and washable with a neutral detergent at home.  

Recently, even young people
who do not have their own Kimono
or foreigners
 buy our ready-made goods of 'Wafu Colle'
increasingly little by little.

In particular,
the Kimono tunic dress for women is popular.
We repeatedly made work
and now about 400 Kimono tunic dresses were sold
during this 4 years.

Actually, Wafu Colle's founder and designer
Junko Fujiwara
 suddenly developed cancer and cerebral infarct
at the same time,two years ago
and became a right paralysis
and aphasia due to aftereffects of cerebral infarction.

By hard treatment and rehabilitation,
her body has now recovered
and has come back to Kimono upcycling work.

During the closure,
we could not make sure to restart of our business,
but our customers gave her
very warm sympathy and encouragement words,
and most of them were waiting for her recovery.

We strongly felt the necessity of this business
and it is important
that Kimono upcycling business must be promoted
without depending on an individual.

Fortunately,even after her returning,
Kimono upcycling made-to-order is increasing.

Recently, our customers talk to us
that their children and grandchildren want to get
the clothes or bags
if they were upcycled by their ancestral Kimono.

So it is increasing that Kimono upcycling
is not only for themselves,
but also their children and grandchildren.

From now on,
'Wafu Colle' will sell ready-made products
to the worldwide.

In order to achieve it,
we will improve our productivity more.

Then we are going to upcycle by Kimono
which is collected into our workshop
which is desired to utilize for something.

Please let your own sleeping Kimono
go outside to us. 
We will upcycle it to suit you.  
Let's put it on nicely in fashion.  

And finally if you make up your mind
to dispose of sleeping Kimono,
please offer it to us.
We will utilize it
as ready-made clothes or bags by upcycling.
Then we will sell the products for people of the world
and let the people  fashionably put it on.

Feel free to contact us.
Thank you.