Jul 30, 2019

[Report Movie] Wafu Colle Thanks 30 years anniv.☆Kimono Upcycling practical use fashion show in KIITO

We finished fashion show.
We appreciate to participate.
Thank you.
report movie(10 minutes)

★Fashion show theme★
sleeping Kimono
practical use recommendation
◎To mourning or mourning-bag
◎From Tomesode to wedding or reunion
◎To coat for attending hospital fashion
◎From Obi to shirt or vest or hat
◎Matching Tunic/Cape/Monpe/Hat
for travel/hobby/town wear
 light  comfortable  enjoy 

▼flyer pdf download(1.5MB)▼


(Entry in advance)


Design・Creative Center KOBE (KIITO)
※※From Sannomiya st.  ▶ go to south on Flower-Road,20min. on foot
 ▶ east of Kobe Customs

※voicemail OK
Kimono Upcycle 和布コレ(Wafu Colle)KOBE Coffee international
without Wednesday 11:00-17:00

※phone 078-381-5914 search
※LINE ID kobecoffee.com

▼ web ▼


This fashion show,
much of models
who upcycled Kimono
at wafu Colle's studio
will join.

If you have no idea
about sleeping Kimono,
let's join our fashion show.
It's small ,homey atmospher
and participative.
Feel free to join us.


We are waiting for 
much of your join us
a lot