Jul 9, 2013

[Wafu Colle]2 Kimono-obi tote bags was made-to-order♪[productNo.1307092500]

We introduce popular Wafu Colle『Kimono-obi bag』 2 products of made-to-order.


◎2 tote bags made by cloth of Kimono-obi(cute summer's obi) brought by customer.
pretty 2 different size of tote bags were remade♪

Lovely summer's obi material before remaking.2 bags were made from 1 obi material. 

♡Larger shoulder tote bag utilizable also as an exercise bag  
The loop stop is attached with the white string. 

Red silk crape was used for inside lining cloth,and 4 pockets were attached. 

♡small tote bag


The loop stop is attached with the red string.

The fine pattern was used for inside lining cloth, and 2 pockets were attached. 

-----------------▼If you want to made-to-order▼-----------------

The made-to-order price is
big¥6,000JPY(including tax / for outside of Japan,tax free+including handling charge)
(the price is fluctuate with size or Kimono material).
※We'll accept an made-to-order with same design as more than same price(excluding cloth fee)
(the price is fluctuate with size or Kimono material).

Please be sure to make an estimate to us beforehand.

※If using our Kimono-cloth of Wafu Colle's workshop,
the cloth price is required separately(the price is fluctuate with Kimono material).

※About 【basic flow of how to made-to-order by your own Kimono】,
please confirm here.

-----------------▲If you want to made-to-order▲-----------------

♪~Let's upcycle & wake your Kimono from sleep reasonably as town wear fashion~♪
Let's enjoy fashionable upcycle which is altered by the sleeping or important kimono☆
We accept made-to-order by your own Kimono.
※You don't need to untie Kimono.(We untie when made-to-order for free.)
Any questions,requests of consultation and your order,please contact to here
Let's try to use evolving Wafu Colle's Kimono upcycling♡